Barley Malt

Barley Malt is available in three types Pilsner, 2 Row, and Vienna.

Wheat Malt

Malt produced from locally grown hard red wheat and winter wheat. Wheat improves head retention. Also available Toasted Wheat SRM10 for toasty sweetness.

Rye Malt

Colour value of Rye Malt extract is higher than of malted barley. It can add a reddish hue to your beer. A little Rye Malt can add toffee notes to your beer. Higher levels can add a very spicy lingering after taste. Our Rye Malt is made from a special malting variety that has a low B Glucan level.

Oat Malt

Brewing with Oat Malt can add mouth feel and toasted biscuits add aromas and flavours to the beer.

Dry Roasted Malt

Our dry roasted malts are a Belgian biscuit malt made in our roaster by heating kiln dried malt at 130C. It yields a colour of 15-17 SRM with an orange hue and biscuit, toast, and nutty aromas and flavours when used in beer at 1-10%. An amber malt from our dry roasted malts is made from kiln dried pale malt and finished at 180C which gives a 40 SRM colour and 2-3% moisture. Used at 1-3% of brewing grist to add brown to copper colour to beer and a dry, bready, nutty, toasted and biscuit flavours to mild ales, brown ales, porters and stouts.


Buckwheat is a non cereal, tri-angular shaped seed, which can be added as an adjunct or malted. It is useful for low gluten content beers. This grain was traditionally used in Europe where it is making a come back in craft brewing. Buckwheat can be considered a health food. Limited availability.